Fifth dimension special design – vision, efficiency, quality, sustainability, and caution at the same time – this is what the Belle Époque Group has stood for for over three decades.

Since then, our unique planning and construction method has been characterised by maintaining a balance between these and many other factors.

The human being, the individual, whether living or working, learning, playing, or at leisure – our approaches and solutions stand for quality of life, well-being, individuality, and flexibility. Today, however, “space” which fulfils these criteria has become an almost priceless rarity for our community in Germany’s cities. The Belle Époque Group faces this problem with great commitment and enthusiasm and with resources at its disposal. We make this possible through intelligent floor plans and solutions in which every square metre and every wall is used absolutely efficiently, as well as through well thought-out kitchen solutions and even unusual bathrooms, right up to the most efficient workspace design. No compromises are made in terms of comfort, for example we increase the utility value and sustainability with generous ceiling heights, large window areas, and more.

We also ensure care and sustainability through the use of natural materials such as wood, natural stone, lots of greenery on the roofs and in the courtyards, and lots of light and air. All this has now become one of our trademarks.The subject of nature plays a primary role in our company. Our work is characterised by factors such as the construction of spacious balconies and terraces, the user-oriented design of the green areas in our projects and, last but not least, the protection of endangered animal species. For example, we are committed to supporting species conservation by integrating habitats for local and rare bird and bat species into our projects.

Exposed and attractive locations ultimately complete our very valuable properties and thus ensure the sustained success and security of such an investment for you and us.