Waldstädtchen Potsdam
Zum Jagenstein 4
14478 Potsdam

New construction of 18 building cubes in three and four-storey constructions at the forest edge

Total living / usable space:
6.873,60 m²

Plot area:
5.833 m²

Living area:
6.737,70 m²

Commercial section:
138,90 m²


New building complexes:

Car parking places:

Bicycle parking places:


A small “town” consisting of 18 building cubes, partly standing next to each other, with edge lengths of generally 12.8 x 9.5m and 10.5 x 9.5m in three and four-storey constructions is being created on the property situated on the forest edge.
Intermediate buildings for the extension of the ground floors and as a riser for the development of the 1st and 2nd floors.The upper floors and the penthouse connect the individual buildings.
The groups of trees on the property borders remain largely intact.A clearing in the middle of the property is already
completed. Almost all apartments on the ground floor have adjoining gardens.All apartments on the 1stfloor get their own garden via their own staircases from spacious terraces. Those on the 2ndfloor also receive additional roof garden terraces for the most part. The penthouse apartments, on the other hand, have terraces and/or roof gardens.
The preferred planning idea is for all car parking spaces to be arranged underground in a spacious underground car park in order to achieve maximum green and open space quality at the top. The charm of this planning idea is that neither car parking spaces nor a driveway are created at ground level.
The open, light-flooded and air-flooded residential courtyards are reserved for people and are used by residents and
their visitors as recreational and leisure oases.
In total, the development with 18 house cubes, 58 self-sufficient apartments with a bungalow style, and two small local shops, as well as a large underground car park with 98 parking spaces is perfectly possible.
The result is an idyllic “Potsdam forest town” on the edge of the forest, yet close to the city and well developed.